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Tallahassee's Leader in Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons

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A driving school built for parents, by parents.


Burgess Driving School is Leon County's leading provider of behind-the-wheel driving lessons in Tallahassee. 

We work closely with parents, teens and adult students to custom-tailor each driving lesson. The result is rapid improvement that builds on each previous experience.  

Burgess Driving School is a rapidly growing family business that began in Illinois, and has now expanded to Florida. We opened the new Tallahassee branch with a goal to produce Florida's next generation of responsible drivers and make Leon County safer. 

Let's work together to train Florida's next generation of safe drivers.

What We Do

We are Tallahassee's one stop shop for new driver training and education. We are in the process of adding additional services, but currently offer the following:

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Behind-the-Wheel Lessons

We provide customized driving lessons with a state-certified instructor, in a modern car with a dual-control braking system that allows the instructor to stop the car if necessary. 

Discounts are available with lesson packages. Pick up and drop off are available for your convenience.


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Driving Essentials Class

Our 6-hour driving essentials class includes 2 free behind-the-wheel lessons. Over the 3 day class, we focus on defensive driving habits that will protect the new driver in your family even when others aren't driving safely.

This class is currently waiting list only.


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Other Driving Services

Need a car for the driver skills exam?

Want to review the skills beforehand?

Our instructor will pick up your new driver, review the driver skills that are essential for earning a driver license, allow one hour of practice time, and allow the car to be utilized for the driver skills test.


Burgess Driving School - We teach safe driving habits for life.
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